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6.74¢ /kWh

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Lock in a fixed rate for 36 months.

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Now is the time to lock in a great low rate for your next 24 months of electricity supply. AMERIgreen is bringing you the best deal you can find anywhere. Check out the details below.

Price Plan Fixed Price - Your price won't change for the term of the agreement.
Price per kWh*

6.737¢ per kwh

Term of Agreement 36 Months
After Agreement Term Ends
AMERIgreen will contact you 60 days prior to Agreement Term ending, so that you can sign up for a new deal. Otherwise, your price may switch to a variable plan at the discretion of TriEagle Energy.
Early Cancellation Fee $125 for cancellation at any time during the agreement term
Monthly Administrative Fee NONE
Agreement Effective Date This agreement will begin after your first meter reading once your utility company processes the switch-over. Your first bill after that meter reading will reflect your new rate. The switch may take up to 2 billing cycles.
Billing You will continue to be billed by West Penn Power, your new price will appear on that bill.

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Headquartered in The Woodlands, TX, TriEagle Energy is an electricity supplier focused on establishing trust with its residential and commercial customers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Texas by understanding individual energy needs and providing customized solutions and products. TriEagle Energy delivers value and energy cost savings to its customers through its experience and creativity in the deregulated energy industry. Along with Public Power, TriEagle is a subsidiary of Crius Energy Trust, one of the largest energy providers in the United States. 

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    Electricity Generation

    Switch from West Penn Power to alternative supplier TriEagle.


    Fixed Price

    Your price will not change for 36 months

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