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How it Works

AMERIgreen will purchase renewable energy credits proportional to the amount of electricity that you use. One renewable energy credit, or REC, represents 1000 kilowatt hours of clean, renewable, electricity generation. Since there is no way to control exactly what electricity is sent from the electricity grid to your home, purchasing REC's is the most effective way to offset your energy use.


AMERIgreen Energy Contract Summary

Electric Generation Supplier Information

AMERIgreen Energy (A-2011-2224523)



AMERIgreen Energy is responsible for your generation charges.

Price Structure

Fixed Price - 100% Green Electricity
Generation/Supply Price

$0.0999 per kWh  

Statement Regarding Savings 

AMERIgreen Energy’s price may not always provide savings against your utility’s price to compare.

Contract Start Date

You have the right to rescind this contract within 3 business days after receiving this contract summary. After that, AMERIgreen will submit an enrollment to your utility, and your service will begin on a date determined by your utility.

Contract Term/Length

12 Months

Cancellation/Early Termination Fees

No Cancellation or Early Termination Fees

Renewal Terms

You will receive two separate written notifications that will precede your contract expiration date; the first will be sent 45-60 days prior to your contract expiration, and the second will be sent at least 30 days prior to your contract expiration; these notifications will explain your options going forward. Upon completion of the Initial Term, if you do not respond to the renewal notices, this Agreement will automatically renew on a month-to-month basis at the corresponding AMERIgreen Energy variable rate; while receiving service under this variable rate, you may cancel at any time without penalty.

Electric Distribution Company Information


1-800-494-4000 for customer service

1-800-841-4141 to report power outages or other emergencies


PECO is responsible for your distribution charges; you should continue to contact PECO regarding emergencies/outages/etc. 


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Read Contract Summary for this offer

About AMERIgreen Energy


AMERIgreen Energy is a Lancaster, PA - based wholesale energy provider. We work every day to improve America’s energy freedom and sustainability for today and future generations. Since our founding, AMERIgreen Energy has provided domestically produced biofuel and petroleum. In addition to petroleum and biofuels, AMERIgreen offers electricity (including 100% green products), natural gas, propane, motor oils, hedging, Energy Rewards software and marketing solutions to our partners.


AMERIgreen is a passionate group of employees dedicated to the company mission. Known for finding resourceful ways to accomplish goals and going above and beyond in meeting customers’ needs has earned  AMERIgreen #1 in 2012 and #3 in 2011 Central Penn Business Journal’s 50 Fastest Growing Companies Lists.


A diverse offering, exceptional personal service, and dedicated team makes AMERIgreen a Total Energy Partner customers rely on. If AMERIgreen’s customers aren't satisfied, neither is AMERIgreen.


More information about AMERIgreen is available by phoning 1-888-559-4567 or visiting www.amerigreen.com.


Also please stay connected by visiting and liking the AMERIgreen blog, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube pages too!

PECO Price to Compare

Your Price to Compare is a rate published by PECO to help you compare prices when shopping for electricity. Basically, it's the price you're currently paying for generation and transmission.


For more information regarding price to compare visit PAPowerSwitch.com or the PA Office of Consumer Advocate Shopping Guides.



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    Renewable Electricity

    Switch from PECO Electric to alternative supplier AMERIgreen.
  • Green Home

    100% Offset

    Renewable Energy Credits Offset Your Usage

    Fixed price

    Fixed Price

    Your price will not change for 12 months



    No cancellation fees

    No Early Cancellation Fees

    Walk away any time with no penalty.

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